WebDemo Features 

WebDemo Features
Desktop Presentation Sharing

Presentation Sharing feature creates a transparent window in the meeting Host’s desktop that defines the region that meeting Attendees can see through their Web browsers. The Desktop Presentation Window is designed to be resizable and moveable, so you can select how much of your desktop is to be broadcast. Broadcast any visuals, applications, web pages, documents, or software to remote participants in real-time. Audience members will be able to see exactly what you are doing including all of your mouse movements and keyboard  inputs.

SSL Support

Increase security by running WebDemo on a secure SSL connection.

LDAP Integration

You have the ability to select how users will be authenticated when logging into your Web Demo server.

Desktop Meeting Launchers

With Desktop Meeting Launchers you can instantly launch an online meeting. The Desktop Meeting Launcher icons can reside on your desktop or on the Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or IE tool bars.

Dynamic 128-bit CAST Encryption

This security feature allows users to "on the fly" encrypt all data transmission in a meeting or session.

International Language Support

The international language feature allows everyone to communicate easily and conveniently in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, all in one server install. This feature allows individual user interfaces to be in different languages all within the same meeting with a simple selection of a language flag.

Attendee List

The Attendee list displays to the Host and Attendees who are logged into the Web meeting. For the Host the Attendee List displays important performance detail and allows for enabling/disabling of communications features.

Keyboard Chat

Host and Attendees can communicate via Keyboard Chat. Allows Host and Attendees to converse privately without disrupting the meeting.

Hand Raising

When presenting, it is important to know whether your Attendees have a question, would like to make a comment, or even if they are listening. Attendees can selectively communicate to other Attendees or raise their hand to get the attention of the Host.

Enable Remote Control

Give control of any application on your system to remote participants. WebDemo’s Remote Control feature allows users to transfer meeting control, including ViewPort; whiteboard, and chat functions to meeting Attendees thereby further enhancing collaboration.

Transfer Host Control

WebDemo’s transfer meeting control is safe and secure. WebDemo’s Transfer feature allows users to transfer meeting control, including viewport; whiteboard, and chat functions to meeting Attendees.

Transparency Tools

To further enhance the online demo experience, you can use WebDemo’s transparency tools to illustrate, highlight or annotate a document or an element within a desktop application. The Transparency Tools include drawing options such Font, Line Thickness, Square, Circle, Cut/Move or Color Selector.

Color Optimization

Colors between 256 colors and True Color (16-bit to 24-bit) are available for added enhancement to the presentation. This is an excellent feature for advertising and marketing professionals who place a premium on the creative component of their presentations.

Hide Desktop Icons

Use your computer desktop as a blank whiteboard background by hiding your desktop icons while maintaining a secure background.

Outlook® E-mail Integration

The Outlook E-mail Integration integrates Microsoft Outlook® and WebDemo by allowing a meeting session to be scheduled in Outlook calendar from an e-mail produced by WebDemo.

Outlook Address Book

A WebDemo user can import  their Outlook Address Book.


Snapshots allows you to record a “snapshot” of what is in the Viewport. If the whiteboard is enabled, clients can also take snapshots.

WebDemo Reports

The WebDemo reports feature allows Administrators to generate daily, weekly, monthly reports. The reports include showing number of current active users, number of current active sessions, number of total sessions and individual user/session metrics.

Application Sharing

Presenters and Attendees can share any software application, including their entire desktop, in a live, full-screen demonstration. Use the markup tools to emphasize a point right on the live application. Even record all the collaboration efforts.


Beyond static presentations and live desktop content, WebDemo enables users to “co-browse” with WebDemo participants so presenters can direct Attendees to specific live Web pages for training or support. This feature allows the Host to navigate the attendee to any page on a Web site. The Attendee can bookmark and save the Web page, and personally interact with a Web enabled software application since the browser is resident on the attendee’s computer.

Record & Playback

WebDemo Record and Playback captures everything in your session including the live demonstrations, annotations, notes, visuals and even live Web slides. Meetings are automatically recorded locally on the server, and can be played back later by registered or guest users. In addition, with easy-to-use features for recording, editing, and storage, users can create professional, self-paced recordings in other industry standard formats. These recordings can be viewed outside the WebDemo environment with any standard media player such as Windows Media Player and Real Player.

File Broadcast

Drag and drop any file to all meeting participants in real-time. File Broadcast allows the presenter of a WebDemo meeting to broadcast files to any or all Attendees. As a result, files of any type can be distributed quickly to all meeting participants.

Internet Voice Chat

Fully integrated, multi-way, full duplex voice-over-IP audio conferencing offers dramatic cost savings over traditional conference call. The Voice Chat enhancement allows you to choose an audio choice. The choices are microphone, wave file or line-in. The wave file or real media player can now be broadcasted to your audience. Or broadcast sound from your PowerPoint presentation. The line–in allows you to choose in advance which audio source you would like to use.

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Use the Video Conferencing feature to broadcast a pre-recorded .avi file or a live image using a standard PC Web Cam to all or any of the meeting attendees.. Also, you can enable the Web Cams of meeting participants for a group video conference.

Document Management

Document Management allows registered users to place files in public or private or semi private areas for future use. All users (registered and unregistered) can access the public documents at their leisure.

Polling and Quizzing

Collaborate with your audience with true/false, yes/no questions or multiple-choice questions The results are tallied dynamically and can be displayed on an aggregate level to all participants.


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