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Advanced Concepts, Inc. is a privately-held software developer and solutions provider of customer relationship management, wholesale distribution, and point of sale software applications.  Based in Milwaukee, WI, we have a presence in Phoenix, AZ, and Tampa, FL.

Advanced Concepts started by providing business management solutions based upon Open System® Accounting Software to small – mid-size businesses.  Today we are recognized by Open Systems as a Top Partner and a national software developer of 3rd party solutions integrated with their family of accounting and business applications.

Advanced Concepts released its first commercial software application based upon Open Systems Accounting Software for wholesale distributors and retailers called Order PLUS!™.  This product is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Advanced Concepts acquired the software rights to a sales force automation application called SalesCTRL™.  This product was originally developed by Sales and Marketing Systems, Inc., an early pioneer in the sales force automation market.  Advanced Concepts rewrote the product for Microsoft Windows and released an Automated Marketing and Data Synchronization option.

Compatible with OSAS® and TRAVERSE®, the SalesCTRL HotLink option provides customer account, item, order and sales history drill-downs, auto-creation of new customers, order processing, quoting, and the ability to email/print acknowledgements and quotes directly from the SalesCTRL contact screen.   

Recently we acquired the software rights to FAST for Open Systems Accounting Software (auto and truck service software) from Vertical Solutions, and updated the software.

Our solutions and services are provided through a North American partner channel and direct sales.


Our business consists of three practice areas: 

  1. SalesCTRL Customer relationship management, Automated Marketing, and the OSAS/TRAVERSE HotLink


  2. Accounting and information management solutions including Order PLUS!, support and custom programming based on OSAS and TRAVERSE


  3. Systems integration, network security, open source solutions, IP Telephony, offsite backup disaster recovery, and continuity services, thin-client technologies, WAN/LAN connectivity, remote access solutions based upon Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization, Linux platforms, specialized hosting, and public/private cloud architectures.  

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